Succession Planning

Human Capital Succession Planning of your executive management team is a critical driver of organisational transformation.

In our experience more than 75% of organisations do not have an adequate pool of talent for critical leadership positions. This situation puts them at risk and threatens their ability to compete in the future - known as ‘depth of bench strength’ and it is particularly worrisome in the development of high potential executives for leadership positions.

Talk to Chifley Global about our ability to partner with you to successfully attract, develop, motivate and place key talent in the future through our unique forward approach to partnering with you in your organisation to place future leadership successfully.

Succession Planning is a process of identifying position replacement avenues and strong leadership by management is a critical driver of all organisational transformation! Can we assist you to implement your Human Capital needs to ensure your organisation becomes what it needs to be, rather than simply to recreate the existing organisation?

Chifley Global stands ready to;

  • establish criteria for high potential talent
  • accelerate executive development
  • access executive intellectual capital
  • actively support top leadership evolve to drive exceptions results
  • link to  and add value to your strategic plan
  • identify talent from multiple organisational levels, rarely in careers, or with critical skills
  • develop assignments in addition to formal training
  • address specific human capital challenges, such as diversity, leadership capacity, and retention
  • facilitate broader transformational efforts
  • improve management team morale

Succession management is about more than simple replacement issues and requires re-thinking leadership development efforts and implementation of more objective and inclusionary talent-identification programs.

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