Business Mentoring

Human Capital solutions – Talent Management of the right people – Retain, Develop, and Recruit. Outstanding executive leadership drives results regardless of the economic circumstances. We focus on business outcomes which are important for your success; hiring the best executives, retaining them longer and promoting the right person to the right position.

Chifley Global can help you implement a process of total talent management suitable for your business. We can also assist you to implement executive position structures, processes and position responsibilities as well as recruiting and retention precedents – all purpose-built for your organisation.

Key areas in which we can improve your talent management through our Business Mentoring Programs; by connecting your business strategies to your senior human capital:

  • Selection, Retention and Promotion
  • Organisational Framework, Processes and  Precedents
  • Develop and train leaders
  • Mentor / Coach executive members
  • Enable Succession Planning
We can ensure optimisation of your Human Capital.

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